Sunday, May 20, 2018
SDIC Board
  • The SDIC Board consists of eight voting members.
  • South Dakota law stipulates that, "The members of the state investment council shall be qualified by training and experience in the field of investment or finance."
  • Five members are chosen by the Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council, a bipartisan board composed of members from both houses of the Legislature.
  • Three members serve ex officio: the State Treasurer, the Commissioner of School and Public Lands and the Executive Director of the South Dakota Retirement System.
  • To appoint and evaluate the State Investment Officer
  • To develop investment policy and establish asset allocation guidelines
  • To monitor implementation of the investment process
  • To oversee the audit process through the SDIC Audit Committee

Steve T. Kirby, Chair **

President/Founding Partner

Bluestem Capital Company

Sioux Falls


Loren Koepsell * **

Assistant Professor-Business Admin

Augustana University

Sioux Falls



Paul Bisson

Wells Fargo, retired




Rich Sattgast *

State Treasurer

State of South Dakota


Lorin L. Brass, Vice Chair **

Royal Dutch Shell plc, retired




Jeffrey L. Nelson *

East River Electric Power Co-op, retired





Ryan Brunner

Commissioner of School & Public Lands
State of South Dakota


Robert A. Wylie
Executive Director
South Dakota Retirement System






*  Denotes member of Audit Committee
** Denotes member of Compensation Committee
  • Public Meetings Laws SDCL 1-25
  • Public Disclosure Laws SDCL 1-27
    • SDIC - Public Disclosure Exemption SDCL 1-27-1.6(5)