Sunday, May 20, 2018
Assets Under Management


See Assets chart for all funds through 12/31/2017


     See SDIC Annual Report for details on each of the funds listed


SDRS is the consolidated defined benefit plan for public employees.

The SDRS Supplemental Retirement 457 Plan is a deferred compensation plan available to members of SDRS. The State Investment Officer is responsible for selecting the investment options.

The SD Legislature assigned SDIC responsibility for establishing South Dakota's Higher Education Savings Plan. The SDIC selected Allianz Global Investors Distributors LLC as the program manager. For more information, visit


  • South Dakota Retirement System
  • South Dakota Cement Plant Retirement Fund
  • The CPRF is the defined benefit retirement plan for the previously state-owned cement plant. Effective April 1, 2014, the CPRF merged with SDRS and no longer exists as a separate entity.
  • South Dakota Cash Flow Fund
  • The SDCFF is comprised of more than 250 participating accounts and serves as the state checking account.
  • School & Public Lands Fund
  • The S&PL Fund is a permanent trust fund established for the benefit of public schools.
  • Dakota Cement Trust Fund
  • The DCT was established from the net proceeds from the sale of the South Dakota Cement Plant.
  • Education Enhancement Trust Fund
  • The EET was established from the funds received from the Master Settlement Agreement with U.S. tobacco product manufacturers and a subsequent securitization of the settlement payments. Fund distributions are designated for education enhancement programs.
  • Healthcare Trust Fund
  • The HCT was established from federal inter-governmental transfers. Fund distributions are designated for health services.
  • Higher Education Savings 529 Plan